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Address: 1017 Francis St Ste 108
Knoxville TN 37916-3433

The Aramark address is 1017 Francis St Ste 108 Knoxville TN 37916-3433 and the entry is assigned to the category Direct marketing - consultants.

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Classification:SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
Classification code:5963
Economic description:Direct Selling Establishments
Company activity:Miscellaneous Retail (Stores)


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Aramark Interview

1 / 5 Stars

I went for an interview with anni at aramark.She sent me the address but did not inform me of where I could park.The only parking I saw was marked for staff only and required a parking permit.All of the places to place on the street said no parking two away zones.I arrived 35 minutes early and circled the block many times.I finally called Anni and ask where to park.She only answered with park where ever you want.I circled the block again and decided that she must not really wanting to hire anyone.I left and she never called to see if I was still coming for the interview.If this is any indication of how they manage their food service I am glad I left.I had only heard bad things about aramark I now know they must be true.

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